Custom sewing

We offer various types of repairs for your clothes and other textiles

Development and production

Design and prototype development

We like the challenge of designing and finding solutions that simplify functionality and improve aesthetics at the same time. We can work on the basis of pictures, sketches, historical references or rough concepts.

Making a pattern

Pattern sewing is a prerequisite for the initial production process. This is the only way we check the quality together, and at the same time we still have the possibility to optimize the production process. This step follows the creation of an initial prototype.

Sewing for the needs of companies

Are you a marketing specialist, and do you know how to sell a product that also requires the sewing phase, but you don’t have the knowledge/experience in production of just that?

With different stages, we will help you from your idea in your head to the final product. We are proud of the fact that we have been producing and supporting the brand

in large quantities for many years


We will help you choose the right materials that suit your product. Our experience in the industry over decades has helped us identify a variety of materials that are sure to meet your needs

Production line

Quality and attention to detail are our competitive advantage. Although we are also happy with smaller batches, we prefer to work with customers who can provide constant quantities.


Folding, marking, wrapping is possible for all the products we manufacture.
We can also name each garment/item individually.


Companies and organizations we cooperate with

Bluedesign by West Blue


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