Embroidery on all types of fabrics

The most high-quality and long-lasting way of decorating textiles and making clothing recognizable is machine embroidery on textiles.


We offer quality embroidery on all types of fabrics

The perfect image of your company, institution, club or association


You are proud and satisfied when you give your customers a beautiful promotional product with your company logo. Or looking at your employees wearing a shirt or dress with your logo on it.

If you decide on one of the embroidery techniques, the final product will surely convince you. Embroidery creates a rich look for the clothes and your brand shines in the aesthetic image. It ensures greater durability than printing, and is particularly suitable for marking products with a logo or inscription.

Embroidery options


T-shirts, jackets, windbreakers, softshell jackets


Caps, hats, knitted caps




Towels, kitchen textiles and bed linen


Work and professional clothes


Socks, gloves, leather, etc...


Other embroidery options by agreement


Promotional gift

An aesthetic gift will unobtrusively emphasize the name or brand of your company. T-shirts with an embroidered logo are one of the most popular promotional products.

Uniform or work clothes

A unified and orderly appearance of employees emphasizes the performance and positive reputation of your company.

Uniform clothing of members of the association

The logo of your association on the T-shirts of the members will express your unity and connection, whenever you present yourself together.

Commemoration for special events

With t-shirts with an embroidered logo or the name of the event, you will permanently mark the memory of a festival, sports event, marathon or any other event.

Embroidery techniques

  • Classic embroidery
  • 3D embroidery
  • Embroidery with application
  • Embroidery in a combination of techniques

Plain and simple

We carry out embroidery on promotional clothes in large and small quantities – from 10 pieces. Send us your logo or a sketch with your wishes and we will take care of the rest. We will send you a quote and a preview of the embroidery. We guarantee you a quality performance, because before production we create a free embroidery sample, which we send to you for confirmation.

Embroidery price

The price of embroidery depends on the number of stitches and the quantity of items you want to embroider. The initial cost is also the creation of the program, which is unique and becomes your permanent property.

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