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Bluedesign is a name for quality, which is the result of knowledge, experience, family tradition and modern technology in the field of manufacturing sports and leisure clothing, work and professional clothing, embroidery and other tailoring services

Our advantages


Tailor made

Clothing and all other products are made according to the needs, requirements or standards required in the industry.



We offer the possibility of embroidery and customization of colors, materials and other accessories according to requirements and agreement.


Knowledge and experiences

long-term experience and family tradition in the field of manufacturing protective clothing

Safe and comfortable!


Slovenian quality

All clothes are part of our own family production, knowledge and experience gained in cooperation with many companies.


Safety first!

The safety and protection of people is the main guide for us and all sports, work and professional clothes are made according to the highest safety standards.


Comfort that you feel all day long

We attach great importance to the comfort of clothing, because we are aware that it is precisely comfortable and tailored clothing that can protect the individual and prevent accidents.

Bluedesign by West Blue

Years of family tradition


Companies and organizations we cooperate with

Bluedesign by West Blue


BLUEDESIGN, Tjaša Remšak s.p.
Cesta na Lepo njivo 21
3330 Mozirje


+386 3 839 49 50

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